We care about your property.


Our attendance is consistently weekly.


We are reliable all season long.


We are responsible and respectful with your property.

Weekly Lawn Cutting

Tend to your lawn to keep it green & healthy all season long.


Seeding to encourage new growth in troublesome areas.

Top Dressing

Adding nutrients to encourage lawn health.


Fixing poor lawn cutting practises like non frequent mowing.

Soil & Special Blends

Triple Mix, Compost, 50/50 Blend

Natural Mulchs

Cedar, Pine, Composted Pine, Hemlock

Coloured Mulches

Black, Brown, Red, Certified Playground Mulch

Aggregates & Decorative Stones

Pea Stone, River Rock, Black Granite, Muskoka Stone, Screening, Stone and Sand.

Turf n Dirt offers professional Grass Cutting and Dirt & Mulch services that will exceed your expectations. We service Oakville, Mississauga, Etobicoke, and Burlington. Our professional staff will come to your property on a weekly basis for lawn services and on a set date for dirt & mulch services. We offer a complete grass cutting solution that includes cutting, trimming and blowing. The Turf n Dirt team are dedicated to our customers satisfaction with our new and regularly maintained equipment, there is simply no other choice other than Turf n Dirt!