Good Fall Prep vs. Bad Fall Prep

Hello Neighbour, Crisp air, foliage changing colour and hoodie weather – yes, fall is in full swing. And much like how we have to prepare ourselves for the Fall months ahead, our lawns need to be prepped as well. Following … Read More

Bring your lawn back to life!

Most lawns are recoverable. If you do not follow the below steps you will be right back to having your lawn like it is now.Having a great lawn takes just these 3 easy steps and you will see the results.

Winterizing your garden

In October and November there are a few small tasks to do to help your garden survive the winter and make your property beautiful for the spring. Plant your spring-flowering bulbs. Daffodils and Narcissus should go in first because they … Read More

Mulch Maintenance

Mulch is a great soil cover because it retains moisture, moderates temperature, discourages weeds, and enhances the appearance of any landscape. Mulch is also natural and decomposes, which makes frequent maintenance necessary. Mulch maintenance is simple; there are only three … Read More

Oh, what a beautiful lawn!

“Oh, what a beautiful lawn!”  A lawn adds more to the beauty of a home than any other single factor. Many a home owner has admired the lawns of others and wished that his own lawn could be made as … Read More