Good Fall Prep vs. Bad Fall Prep

Hello Neighbour,
Crisp air, foliage changing colour and hoodie weather – yes, fall is in full swing. And much like how we have to prepare ourselves for the Fall months ahead, our lawns need to be prepped as well. Following a few simple steps now will ensure our lawns will be able to survive the cold season around the corner. It’s time for a fall lawn maintenance lesson.

Ever wonder why those leaves are all stuck in your lawn? Your neighbours is smooth and the leaves have blown down the street. Your lawn is too long! When it comes time for you to rake and its going feel like combing long hair. Here are some tips to save your raking arms and have a great looking lawn for the Winter and be prepared for next Spring!

Cut Your Lawn Low
Unlike the summer months where you want to raise your mower blade, fall is a great time to cut your grass short. This helps sun and moisture reach the crown of the grass. Strong grassroots will help it survive through the winter.

Rake and Dethatch
Fall is a wonderful time to clear your lawn of any plant debris and dead organic matter. Give your yard a hard rake before dethatching it to break up any material that may suffocate your lawn. This helps it to breathe better, as well as allowing increased water and airflow.

Apply Fertilizer
Again, you want your lawn to build up strength and defenses to help it make it through the winter and thrive in the Spring. Apply a fall fertilizer to your lawn to make sure it gets the right nutrients and is at the proper pH level before it goes dormant.

If you’re looking for a professional team to get your lawn ready for Fall, contact TurfNDirt. We’re your neighbours & local lawn experts who care.