TurfNDirt offers a weekly Grass Cutting and Trimming Service. Brayden’s professional staff will come to your property on a weekly basis for lawn services We offer a complete grass cutting solution that includes cutting, trimming and blowing.  TurfNDirt also offers Top Dressing & Seeding, New Sod,  Sod Repairs,  all that will exceed your expectations.

Lawn Cutting

Mowing is an ongoing task that has to be done on a consistent basis throughout the lawn’s growing season. Typically, because of time constraints, a lawn is cut in a hurry without regard to proper technique (eg: cut short in order to minimize the number of times it must be cut throughout the season). This can cause damage and tremendous stress to the lawn OR  The lawn is not cut regularly and thatch buildup clogs up the lawn and allows weeds to infiltrate. It is why  you need TurfNDirt’s  expert  services that will properly cut and care for your lawn. Attention to detail will help promote a healthier, more dense and uniform turf ensuring an aesthetic quality to your entire lawn.

  • Weekly lawn maintenance includes;
  • Weekly Lawn Cutting
  • Edging of walk ways, driveways and flowerbeds
  • Removal of all clippings from patios, walkways, and driveway

Sod Repairs

Sod Repairs & New Sod

Sod is the fastest way to install a new lawn or replace an existing lawn. Our team is experienced with a wide-range of job types - from laying down  a few rolls of sod to repair a dead patch of lawn, to tackling heavy weed infestations, grading issues, and soil deficiencies. Our team makes the  process easy and affordable.


Overseeding is a method of seeding over top of an existing lawn. As your lawn continues to age the production rate of new grass blades begins to slow down, and in this weakened state, weeds can start to take over. The two main reasons for overseeding lawns are: The lawn has become thin, brown, and patchy.

Top Dressing & Seeding

Top Dressing with your overseeding is a great way to maximize the health of your soil – and the beauty of your lawn. It adds valuable organic matter to the soil base which improves soil fertility and root structure. It's also an opportunity to even out any bumps or dips in the lawn.


In a lawn, the thatch is an organic layer made up primarily of grass stems, stolons, and rhizomes (both living and dead) that have not yet broken down, or decomposed. Inconsistent lawn cutting can lead to this thatch buildup. Removing this thatch with a rake is known as thatch removal.

TurfNDirt Lawn Care uses well maintained equipment. A well-maintained blade cuts grass cleanly and evenly. A poorly maintained (dull) blade shreds grass, leaving it more susceptible to disease and in need of more nutrients to repair the damage.